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Our Mission:

MMG follows the highest safety and production standards. Our cannabis and cannabis products are rapidly becoming forerunners in the cannabis world. Canada is well-known for its exporting of fruits, vegetables and other vegetation, and MMG will help Canada to quickly become a world renowned cannabis exporter.

MMG strives to be known throughout the world as providers of top quality products, adhering to supreme safety and production standards.

About Medical Marijuana Group:

We are a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer, currently holding our cultivation license. Our goal is to grow the highest quality cannabis in the world. We have built a state-of-the-art indoor growing facility, which is equipped with the newest technology. This high-tech equipment, along with our knowledge and skill set, We believe that we will be able to produce cannabis that cannot be matched by any other growing operation.

Our Leadership:

Phillip Millar

Golden Leaf Holdings

Golden Leaf Holdings, MMG’s parent corporation, is a leading cannabis company in Oregon. It is one of the top cannabis oil producers in North America. Their product portfolio is built around recognized brands such as Chalice Farms, Golden and Left Coast Connections. Golden Leaf Holdings aims to provide cannabis connoisseurs with first-rate value and experience.


The medical marijuana industry is a new dynamic space that will provide top performers with the ability to excel and help change the world. MMG only hires top performers who hate being micro-managed. We stray from petty politics and strive to create an inclusive environment that stimulates thought, innovation, and co-operation. If you have potential and hustle, are flexible, and loves working in an elite environment then consider submitting your CV. We promise, if you are amazing, you will be contacted.



MMG and its parent company GLH are set to excel in a dynamic and emerging market that will change the very landscape of how we treat illness, improve quality of life, and socialize around the world.  MMG’s license to produce in Canada serves as a foundation stone for mid to long-term profitability and ability to expand into international markets. Our relationship with the parent company and their experience on the West Coast gives us a significant advantage in the Canadian market and the combination of international assets will make GLH a dominant force in a multi-billion dollar markets.


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